New Dawn for Smart Grid?

After Hurricane Sandy smarty-pants pundits like me suggested that maybe what we need right away is not a smarter, more agile grid but, rather, a really tough dumb grid. Indisputably, technologies integrating digital communications and computing into power system infrastructure were materializing much more slowly than their proponents had predicted, and measurable benefits were hard to […]

Grid Software similar to Silicon Energy from 12 years ago

by Katie Fehrenbacher SUMMARY:AutoGrid, a startup that’s developed a big data analytics engine for energy, officially launched on Monday and unveiled its first product, and its first two customers. Picture if you took Netflix or Amazon’s recommendation engines and used them for utilities’ energy data. tweet this A startup called AutoGrid is looking to provide big data analytics […]

Smart grid: from deployment to applications

Some 200 million smart meters have been deployed worldwide, forty million of them in North America; a new white paper from Pike Research says that the year 2012 represents a turning point for the sector The smart grid promises a dramatic transformation of the world’s electricity infrastructure, with a long list of goals essential to maximizing […]

Micro-power presents slow-burn threat to utilities

Micro-power presents slow-burn threat to utilities By Martin Roberts and Gerard Wynn MADRID/LONDON | Thu May 26, 2011 11:35am EDT (Reuters) – A wide rollout of small-scale renewable energy poses a long-term challenge to utilities as households switch to home generation and the supply market opens, executives at green specialists and independents say. Small-scale renewable energy is more accessible to […]

Smart gridAlstom acquires CA company, seeks to enter U.S. smart grid market

French electrical grid manufacturer Alstom recently acquired Utility Integration Solutions, Inc. (UISOL) in its efforts to expand its smart grid control room capabilities and enter the U.S. market; UISOL specializes in demand response management systems, which are critical to the operation of smart grids; analysts believe that this could put Alstom in position to become […]

SAN FRANCISCO–The road to a secure smart grid is still being built. Can it be finished in time to keep next-generation threats at bay?

That question was left largely unanswered during a panel discussion on “securing the smart grid” at the RSA security conference taking place here this week. The smart grid promises to bring a number of benefits to both consumers and utilities in the coming years–things like intelligent off-peak appliance use; real-time metering; and customer education on […]

New Electricity Meters Stir Fears

INVERNESS PARK, Calif. — Pacific Gas and Electric’s campaign to introduce wireless smart meters in Northern California is facing fierce opposition from an eclectic mix of Tea Party conservatives and left-leaning individualists who say the meters threaten their liberties and their health. In the San Francisco Bay Area, “Stop Smart Meters” signs and bumper stickers […]