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T.V.A. Agrees to Shutter 18 Generators That Use Coal

By FELICITY BARRINGER In a sweeping legal settlement, the Tennessee Valley Authority has agreed for the first time to reduce its overall capacity to generate coal-fired electricity, promising to close 18 of its coal-burning generators over the next six years while spending $3 billion to $5 billion on pollution controls on any remaining units that […]

How will Rio Tinto and its fellow miners spend their fortunes?

How will Rio Tinto and its fellow miners spend their fortunes? MINING is a business that likes to think big. Huge lorries, vast holes in the ground and, of late, massive profits. Such is the impact of China on the fortunes of the world’s mining giants that even in the lean times after the financial […]

E.P.A. Issues Guidance on New Emissions Rules

Seeking to reassure major power plant and factory owners that impending regulation of climate-altering gases will not be too burdensome, the Environmental Protection Agency emphasized on Wednesday that future permitting decisions would take cost and technical feasibility into account. Under the Obama administration, the E.P.A. declared that gases that contribute to global warming are a […]

South Africa Energy Needs Collide With U.S. Policy

The Obama administration, caught in an awkward bind between its own ambitions on climate change and Africa’s pressing energy needs, is facing the first test of its new guidelines discouraging coal-fired power projects in developing nations. Enlarge This Image Robin Hammond for The New York Times A coal-fired power station project in Limpopo, South Africa. […]

World Bank Mulls $3.75 Billion for South African Coal Power Expansion

  World Bank “We cannot afford to see Eskom or the South African power sector in crisis,” said Jamal Saghir, the World Bank’s director of energy, transport and water. The World Bank is calling on its members to back a contentious $3.75 billion loan request from Eskom, South Africa’s state run electricity supplier, to finance […]

Mixing In Some Carbon

  This Image Jim Wilson/The New York Times A Calera manufacturing facility. It seems like alchemy: a Silicon Valley start-up says it has found a way to capture the carbon dioxide emissions from coal and gas power plants and lock them into cement. The challenge may come in doing it on a large scale.  If […]