10:48 a.m., Jan. 8, 2015–A University of Delaware research team is considering the important question of what it will take to create an affordable emissions-free car. Yushan Yan leads a UD research team studying the important question of what it will take to create an affordable emissions-free vehicle. The question, an issue of engineering and […]

26 Nov 2014 Graphene, impermeable to all gases and liquids, can easily allow protons to pass through it, University of Manchester researchers have found. Published in the journal Nature, the discovery could revolutionise fuel cells and other hydrogen-based technologies as they require a barrier that only allow protons – hydrogen atoms stripped off their electrons […]

Fresh plans have been announced for the construction of a 100-square-kilometre solar power plant in the Tunisian desert to produce electricity for Europe. Solar export from North Africa to Europe_2013 The backers of the TuNur concentrated solar power (CSP) facility say it will produce 2GW of electricity, five times more than the 392MW Ivanpah plant in […]

A new chapter has been opened in the quest to make commercial air transport more environmentally and economically sustainable, with the agreement by Airbus and South Africa’s National Aerospace Centre to jointly fund research by Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) into the application of fuel cells on airliners. The initial three-year project, which will be undertaken […]

UNSW researchers set world record in solar energy efficiency 08 December 2014 UNSW’s solar researchers have converted over 40% of the sunlight hitting a solar system into electricity, the highest efficiency ever reported. The world-beating efficiency was achieved in outdoor tests in Sydney, before being independently confirmed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) at […]

  By Darren Quick   Phinergy’s demonstration vehicle boasts a range of over 1,000 miles (1,609 km) using metal-air battery technology Image Gallery (3 images)   Israel-based company Phinergy claims to have developed metal-air battery technology that promises to end the range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. The company’s battery currently consists of 50 aluminum plates, each […]

By Darren Quick   The ‘artificial leaf’ created by Daniel G. Nocera, Ph.D. and his team now has self-healing capabilities (Photo: Dominick Reuter) The 2013 Passat TDI – www.vw.com/PassatTDI See How Affordable Premium Features Can Be. Build Your Own Passat Today Ads by Google Back in 2011, scientists reported the creation of the “world’s first practical artificial leaf” […]

 PT Oxford Scientific via Getty Images 3D Atomic Force Micrograph of the surface of molecular beam epitaxy-grown gallium arsenide. Sol Voltaics AB, a Swedish startup backed by the founder of Norway’s Renewable Energy Corp. ASA, is developing a material based on tiny amounts of a compound used in space electronics that can enhance conventional solar panels. […]

BY LEE BRUNO   Dr. Rahul R. Nair from the University of Manchester shows a 1-micron-thick graphene oxide film. Photo: University of Manchester It was a Friday evening at the University of Manchester and scientists Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov were conducting the sort of playful experiment for which they’ve earned a reputation. In the […]

  by Katie Fehrenbacher SUMMARY:Companies that are still looking to produce biofuels from plant waste (and not corn) are making slow, but steady progress on milestones in 2013. tweet this In the time it takes to scale up the production of advanced biofuels — which use plant waste, not corn, for fuel — numerous web startups […]

  by Katie Fehrenbacher SUMMARY:Battery startup Aquion Energy is raising another round of $35 million from Bill Gates and other new and existing investors. The company has been planning to build a factory in Pennsylvania that can produce its low cost power grid batteries. tweet this Bill Gates is continuing to fund next-generation battery startups. On Tuesday, battery […]

  by Katie Fehrenbacher SUMMARY:A startup called Choose Energy is offering consumers a comparison shopping site for electricity in deregulated markets, and is building tools to help retail energy providers acquire customers. The company raised a series A round from Kleiner and Stephens Capital. tweet this While venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins appears to be retrenching its cleantech […]