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For Excess Solar Flow, a Veg-O-Matic for Voltage

By MATTHEW L. WALD Until very recently, the solar industry was mainly concerned with getting a toehold in the production of electricity at a utility-level scale. Now a New Jersey company is looking for its niche in a different field — how to handle a system that is saturated with solar energy, sometimes enough to destabilize […]

Duke Energy in advanced deal talks with Progress

By Helen Thomas in New York Published: January 8 2011 23:09 | Last updated: January 8 2011 23:09 Duke Energy is in advanced talks to buy its peer Progress Energy, in a deal worth more than $13bn, which would mark another significant step in the long-awaited consolidation of the US power sector and create the […]

Solar Project: Nevada: Fast Facts about Fast-Track Renewable Energy Projects

    Fast Facts about Fast-Track Renewable Energy Projects Fast-track projects are those where the companies involved have demonstrated to BLM that they have made sufficient progress to formally start the environmental review and public participation process. These projects are advanced enough in the permitting process that they could potentially be cleared for approval by […]

Solar Project: Arizona, the New Frontier!

Arizona State Office One North Central Avenue Suite 800 Phoenix, AZ 85004-4427 The Arizona desert is prime territory for the use of sunlight to produce energy.  The state has an annual average of 325 sunny days, wide open spaces, and an increasing need to locate and take advantage of “green” energy opportunities.  The use of solar energy […]

How the Free Market Rocked the Grid

It led to higher rates and rolling blackouts, but it also opened the door to greener forms of electricity generation Photos, clockwise from top left: David McNew/Getty Images; Mike Theiler/AFP/Getty Images; Joe Jaszewski/Liaison/Getty Images; Stephen Jaffe/AFP/Getty Images California Screamin': Los Angeles protesters [top left] show their anger over electricity shortages in June 2001. California Senator […]

Energy Monitoring at U.T. Produces Savings 2 Ways

  Five years ago, with energy prices soaring, John Graham, the director of the basketball arena at the University of Texas, decided to measure the use of electricity and other utilities in real time. He soon found that the Frank Erwin Center, the team’s home, spent $3,500 on utilities in a single day. Measuring energy […]

E.P.A. Issues Guidance on New Emissions Rules

Seeking to reassure major power plant and factory owners that impending regulation of climate-altering gases will not be too burdensome, the Environmental Protection Agency emphasized on Wednesday that future permitting decisions would take cost and technical feasibility into account. Under the Obama administration, the E.P.A. declared that gases that contribute to global warming are a […]

Nuclear Reactor by EDF – Anyone…hello?

A partnership between Constellation Energy and Electricité de France to build a new reactor in Maryland has broken up, with Constellation concluding that the economics are unfavorable because of electricity market conditions and the terms demanded by the Energy Department for a loan guarantee. But Electricité de France wants to go forward and has bought […]

Offshore Wind Power Line Wins Praise, and Backing

  WASHINGTON — Google and a New York financial firm have each agreed to invest heavily in a proposed $5 billion transmission backbone for future offshore wind farms along the Atlantic Seaboard that could ultimately transform the region’s electrical map. The 350-mile underwater spine, which could remove some critical obstacles to wind power development, has […]

Water Limits Changed Design of Biggest Solar Project

California regulators approve 1-gigawatt solar-thermal project, but its dry cooling means lower efficiency and higher cost 21 September 2010—It’s easy to see why energy companies are pursuing utility-scale solar projects in California. The state is blessed with deserts soaked in sunshine, and it faces a legal mandate to acquire more renewable electricity. But the state […]

A consortium wants to invest $560 billion in Sahara solar panels

The Sahara gets twice as much sunshine annually as most of Europe. The European Union wants to get 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources within a decade. So why not build solar power plants across North Africa and ship the electricity north via power lines under the Mediterranean? Over the past year, more […]

For Clean Power and Not-So, New Midwest Lines

A major Midwest utility, Ameren, said Monday that it had created a new subsidiary to build transmission lines in Missouri and Illinois that will bring more wind power onto the grid – not to mention coal power, from clean to conventional. Steve Hebert for The New York TimesSaying that it was encouraged by a law […]