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Nuclear Industry Withers in U.S. as Wind Pummels Prices

Wind-generated electricity supplied about 3.4 percent of U.S. demand in 2012 and the share is projected to jump to 4.2 percent in 2014, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Photographer: Konrad Fiedler/Bloomberg A glut of government-subsidized wind power may help accomplish a goal some environmentalists have sought for decades: kill off U.S. nuclear power plants while […]

In Search of Nuclear Energy Miracles

By JUSTIN GILLIS At a legendary but secretive laboratory in California, Lockheed Martin is working on a plan that some employees hope might transform the world’s energy system: a practicable type of nuclear fusion. Some 900 miles to the north, Bill Gates and another Microsoft veteran, Nathan Myhrvold, have poured millions into a company developing a […]

Nuclear wonder fuel poses serious weapons proliferation risk

Thorium is being touted as an ideal fuel for a new generation of nuclear power plants, but new study shows that it may pose a serious weapons proliferation risk; experiments to separate protactinium-233 show that it is feasible that just 1.6 tons of thorium metal would be enough to produce eight kilograms of uranium-233, which […]

Uranium by Laser

A nuclear power partnership of General Electric and Hitachi has received federal approval to build the first plant to enrich uranium for use in commercial reactors using a classified laser technology. The Nuclear Regulatory Commissionissued a license to General Electric-Hitachi Global Laser Enrichment this week to build and operate a uranium enrichment plant near Wilmington, N.C., deploying the […]

New U.S. Nuclear Regulator Says Spent Fuel A Top Priority

By Kasia Klimasinska – Aug 14, 2012 2:37 PM MT The new chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said she plans to concentrate on the disposal of spent atomic fuel, an issue that is holding up decisions on power-plant licenses. Allison Macfarlane, in her first news conference since taking over at the NRC on July […]

Nuclear Resurgence Seen Luring Paladin Offers: Real M&A

By James Paton – Jul 19, 2012 1:45 AM MT Australian uranium producer Paladin Energy Ltd. (PDN) is tempting acquirers from Canada toChina with a stock price that’s less than the value of its net assets as Japan restarts idled nuclear reactors. Paladin, which lost almost 80 percent of its value after Japan suffered the worst atomic crisis in a quarter century, is now trading […]

The World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012

Friday 6 July 2012 Twenty years after its first edition, the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012 portrays an industry suffering from the cumulative impacts of the world economic crisis, the Fukushima disaster, ferocious competitors and its own planning and management difficulties. Key results of the assessment include: • Only seven new reactors started up, […]

Cold Fusion given the Green Light by NASA

Official NASA Langley Cold Fusion Video Now Online

U.S. Inches Toward Goal of Energy Independence

Jim Wilson/The New York Times An Apache Corporation well near Hobbs, N.M. Apache is drilling in the Permian Basin, an oil field once thought played out.More Photos » By CLIFFORD KRAUSS and ERIC LIPTON MIDLAND, Tex. — The desolate stretch of West Texas desert known as the Permian Basin is still the lonely domain of scurrying roadrunners by […]

Will The Stars Align for Small Nuclear Reactors?

By MATTHEW L. WALD A company that wants to build a new kind of nuclear reactor, one small enough that it could be delivered by truck, has found a potential customer. WestinghouseA rendering of the Westinghouse small modular reactor. The Westinghouse Electric Company has lined up Ameren, a St. Louis-based electric company, as a partner for its […]

Areva Predicts Uranium Demand Freeze Until 2014

By Francois de Beaupuy – Apr 4, 2012 4:01 PM MT Areva SA (AREVA), the world’s largest maker of atomic reactors, predicted the market for uranium will suffer from a glut before nuclear fuel demand rebounds from 2014 as the industry reels from last year’s meltdown in Japan. “In two years, there will be very strong […]

Scana Receives NRC Approval to Build South Carolina Reactors

By Brian Wingfield and Julie Johnsson – Mar 30, 2012 1:22 PM MT Scana Corp. (SCG) won U.S. approval to build nuclear reactors, the second construction permit issued by regulators in more than 30 years for units that may be among the nation’s last erected this decade. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission today voted 4-1 to approve […]