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FOA Number FOA Title
DE-FOA-0000704 In-Water Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) Device Testing Support – Notice of Intent (NOI)
DE-FOA-0000661 Regional Test Centers: Validation of Photovoltaic (PV) Modules and Systems
DE-SOL-0003846 Reaching $2/Watt Installed Price for Residential Scale Solar
DE-FOA-0000699 Solar Energy Evolution and Diffusion Studies (SEEDS) Request for Information (RFI)
DE-FOA-0000626 Validation of Hydrogen Refueling Station Performance and Advanced Refueling Components
DE-FOA-0000410 U.S. Offshore Wind: Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects
DE-FOA-0000669 Zero Emission Cargo Transport Demonstration
DE-FOA-0000654 Bridging Research Interactions through Collaborative Development Grants in Energy (BRIDGE)
DE-FOA-0000621 Energy Savings through Improved Mechanical Systems and Building Envelope Technologies
DE-FOA-0000615 Advancements in Sustainable Algal Production (ASAP)
DE-FOA-0000651 SunShot Incubator Program
DE-FOA-0000620 Accelerating the Deployment of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies in Indonesia
DE-FOA-0000625 Light-Duty Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Validation Data
DE-FOA-0000567 Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative: High Operating Temperature Fluids
DE-FOA-0000635 Superior Energy Performance Program Administrator
DE-FOA-0000607 SunShot Incubator Program – Soft Cost Reduction
DE-FOA-0000595 SunShot Concentrating Solar Power Research and Development
DE-FOA-0000561 Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing Research and Development – Round 3
DE-FOA-0000564 Solid-State Lighting Core Technologies – Round 8
DE-FOA-0000566 PV Manufacturing Initiative Part 2:SUNPATH (Scaling Up Nascent PV AT Home)
DE-FOA-0000563 Solid-State Lighting Product Development – Round 8
DE-FOA-0000560 Innovative Manufacturing Initiative

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