ARPA-e Programs


ARPA-E programs explore creative “outside-the-box” technologies that promise genuine transformation in the ways we generate, store and utilize energy. Unlike conventional DOE research, ARPA-E funds concepts that industry alone cannot support, but whose success would dramatically benefit the nation. Its high risk, high reward programs aim to substantially reduce foreign energy imports; cut energy-related greenhouse gas emissions; and improve efficiency across the energy spectrum.

Gas pump in front of leafy plant


PETRO is targeted at optimizing the biochemical processes of energy capture and conversion, enabling crops that deliver more energy per acre with less processing.

Red hot coil tube


REACT will fund early-stage technology alternatives that reduce or eliminate the dependence on rare earth materials by developing substitutes for electric vehiclemotors and wind generators.

Closeup of red hot coils


HEATS will develop revolutionary cost-effective thermal energy storage technologies that if successful, would dramatically improve performance for a variety of critical energy applications.

Closeup of power line tower


GENI will fund innovative control software and high-voltage hardware than can reliably control the electric grid, specifically cost-optimizing sporadic energy sources and resiliently control power flow in real-time.

Power lines over solar panel


Solar ADEPT will focus on integrating advanced power electronics into solar panelsand solar farms to extract and deliver energy more efficiently.



Better batteries will encourage public adoption of electricvehicles and shift transportation energy reliance from oil to the domestically-powered U.S. electric grid.

Power plant towers billowing smoke


IMPACCT aims to revolutionize technologies that prevent carbon dioxide produced by coal-fired power plants from entering the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.

Electrical fuse


GRIDS explores new technologies that enable widespread use of cost-effective grid-scale energy storage and balance the short-duration variability in renewable generation.



ADEPT explores materials for key advances in soft magnetics, high-voltage switches, and reliable, high-density charge storage that will reduce energy costs and consumption.

Fuel pumps


ARPA-E seeks to use microorganisms to harness energy and convert carbon dioxide into liquid fuels. Theoretically, this could be10 times more efficient than current approaches.

Looking up blue glass modern office building


ARPA-E seeks to develop energy-efficient building cooling technologies that will reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions.

Globe in green grass

Other Projects

In addition to targeted solicitations, ARPA-E funds discrete projects to accelerate the development of key energy technologies.


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