What is Katerva?

Katerva is a UK-registered charity organization which serves to identify, award & accelerate ingenious ideas that will enable the global community to live sustainably with the planet. The Katerva Awards are the pinnacle of global sustainability recognition. The name Katerva (Ca-tair-vah) is derived from the Latin word Caterva—meaning “crowd.” Katerva serves to harness the wisdom and passion of the crowd to make necessary global change.


Our mission is to identify, award & accelerate game-changing ingenuity in sustainability.


We will annually conduct the Katerva Awards process to promote and accelerate solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, focusing on ingenuity, feasibility, scalability, and impact.

We will create a content hub to promote great initiatives and educate individuals, empowering them to lead the world toward positive change.

We will foster a global community of collaboration and provide an open network of resources to support the refinement, adoption and expansion of game-changing ideas.


Ingenuity: Katerva seeks game-changing solutions that immeasurably shift the way business, consumption, lifestyle, and efficiency work at a global level.

Action: Katerva serves to empower individuals and organizations that can make the greatest impact through visibility, collaboration, intelligence, financial support, and general assistance.

Optimism: Katerva operates with optimism and opportunity through the cultivation, refinement, and expansion of the most promising sustainability initiatives.


Read more about the Katerva Awards here.

See our registered details here.


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