EnerNOC helps drive better, smarter use of energy—one of the world’s most costly, important resources—by applying sophisticated information technology to our energy challenges. Our Energy Management Application Platform, delivered from our state-of-the-artNetwork Operations Center (NOC), supports a suite of powerful applications to help businesses and organizations drive bottom line results, while helping utilities and grid operators face the challenges associated with rising demand. Our applications change the way businesses, institutions, and utilities think about energy


We pay businesses and organizations to reduce electricity usage during times of peak demand. By participating, organizations can help protect your community from blackouts, keep electricity rates stable, and help the environment by providing a clean alternative to fossil fuel-burning peaking power plants.


For many businesses, energy is one of the largest expenses. But less than 10% of companies actively manage their usage through advanced technology. Consistent, data-driven attention to energy consumption leads to persistent savings. EnerNOC has developed the technology-driven solutions and the proven expertise to help you identify low-cost or no-cost opportunities to drive savings equal to 15% of addressable energy spend.


Energy isn’t just a bill that needs to be paid. It’s a resource that needs to be actively managed. We can help your business navigate the complexities of deregulated energy markets. Our experienced team can evaluate all of your energy options, advise you on how to obtain the most favorable energy contracts, and help you to secure those contracts.


Carbon accounting is no longer an academic exercise, but rather one that makes good business sense. Whether it is done voluntarily, by customer-mandate, or propelled by pending legislation, more and more businesses are thinking about scalable, transparent, and auditable ways to quantify their carbon footprint. EnerNOC’s CarbonSMART application offers a secure, enterprise-class solution.


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