Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories and participating research institutions are always working on new, cutting edge technologies. On the Energy Innovation Portal, these new ideas are named Emerging Technologies. They are different from the technologies described in the Technology Marketing Summaries because they are not included in a published patent application or issued patent.

To showcase these new ideas, the laboratories and research institutions publish non-confidential summaries. If you see something interesting, and would like to get more detailed information, please contact the specific institution using the Portal’s Contact feature.

Marketing Summaries

To see what emerging technologies are available for licensing, you can browse theemerging technologies marketing summaries.

Each marketing summary will provide you with a description of the technology including its benefits, applications and industries, and development stage.

Emerging Technologies

To see emerging technologies that are being developed in the emerging technologiestechnology area, you can browse the emerging technologies.

Each emerging technology will provide you with a basic description of the technology and a contact name who you can contact for more information.

You can also search for technologies available for licensing, emerging technologies, patents and patent applications.


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