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The following plant assessments were performed in Arizona.

Assessment report available.Assessment Report*

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*Final assessment report by an Energy Expert in agreement with the company.

DOE is currently accepting applications for Save Energy Now energy assessments. All companies/plants who apply for Save Energy Now assessments will be required to complete a new Assessment Application Form (Excel 292 KB) and e-mail it to Thien Win at Each application will receive an evaluation to determine if the plant qualifies for an assessment.

Save Energy Now assessments will now be performed in plants that have a minimum of 0.5 trillion British thermal units (TBtu) annual energy use, and where the plant utility system to be assessed has a significant potential for implementing energy efficiency improvements. Plants that apply for assessments but do not meet these criteria may qualify for an Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) assessment, or qualify for access to online resources that are being developed to assist plants in identifying energy improvements.

More than 100 companies and plants have requested assessments that have not been scheduled and performed. Beginning January 4, 2010, contacts with these companies and plants will be started so that they can complete the new Assessment Application Form to (1) determine if they qualify for an assessment and (2) schedule an assessment if they qualify. Each of the companies that are on the present “list” to receive assessments will be contacted by January 29, 2010.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory technical staff is responsible for organizing and scheduling future Save Energy Now assessments. If you have any questions related to the new assessments, please contact Dr. Anthony Wright at

Eligibility Requirements

Only manufacturing facilities in the United States and territories are eligible for a Save Energy Now energy assessment. Companies that qualify as large plants must complete and submit the Assessment Application Form (Excel 292 KB). Small- and medium-sized plants may complete the online application or may directly contact the Industrial Assessment Center nearest to their location. DOE will make every effort to provide an assessment or technical assistance support to all applicants. Depending on size, a facility will be considered for one of the following:

  • Large plants: The energy use guideline for large, energy-intensive plants selected for a 3-day system assessment lead by a DOE Energy Expert is consumption of at least 0.5 TBtu (i.e. 500 billion) of combined energy per year, or its equivalent. For reference, this equates to approximately $3 million in annual energy bills (this number should only be used as a rough estimate for qualification and should not be taken as a qualifier in and of itself). As a result of the number of applications received, DOE may adjust this guideline based on available funding for the program. If your plant uses less than 0.5 TBtu per year of energy, but you have special circumstances that you believe make a strong case for receiving a system-specific assessment (for example, a substantial portion of your company’s energy use is in one of the systems covered by the assessment, or you have several similar systems), please explain that in the application. Assessments are available for these systems: steam, process heating, pumps, fans, compressed air, and paper (specify “paper” in the comments section of the application).
  • Small- and medium-sized plants: If your annual energy use does not qualify your plant for a 3-day system assessment, you may be given priority consideration for a 1-day comprehensive plant assessment by one of DOE’s university-based Industrial Assessment Centers in your region, or receive a customized energy efficiency consultation by the EERE Information Center.
  • All plants: Industrial plants of all sizes will be eligible to receive technical assistance from the EERE information Center.

Group applications were discontinued in 2008. However, smaller facilities can qualify on their own, as the assessments will be based on applications received. Large amounts of natural gas use will be given additional consideration in the selection process. Third parties may apply on behalf of a plant or company.

Participation Requirements

The following requirements apply to Save Energy Now assessments conducted at large plants by DOE Energy Experts. Visit the Industrial Assessment Center Web site to learn more about assessment requirements for small- and medium-sized plants.

  1. Provide a single point of contact for coordination with the Energy Expert.
  2. Provide a set of available dates for the 3-day assessment. Providing this information on the application will expedite Energy Expert selection and scheduling.
  3. Consider investing in the energy-saving opportunities identified in the assessment that are consistent with corporate financial policies and production/maintenance downtime schedules.
  4. Participate in the assessment throughout the 3 days. Please remember that these are intended as training assessments, not just opportunity searches.
  5. Consider attending either a 1-day in-class training session or a 2-hour Webcast training before or after the assessment.
  6. Work with the Energy Expert to identify energy-savings opportunities.
  7. In collaboration with the Energy Expert, provide a confidential final report to DOE on the energy savings identified. This information must be provided to the Energy Expert so that a draft report can be developed within 10 business days of the completed assessment. If at all possible, you will review the draft report, provide comments to the Energy Expert, and approve the final report within 15 business days of the completion of the assessment.
  8. Allow DOE to list your company on the Save Energy Now Web site.

Application Information

Before you begin the online application, please gather the following information. This is all required in order to submit an application.

  • Contact information for the individual who will be responsible for working with DOE throughout the scheduling, assessment, and follow-up process.
  • Name, location, plant description, and industry type of the plant being considered for an assessment.
  • Amount of fuel and electricity purchased over a recent 12-month period. You will have the option to specify and input various types and quantities of fuel, including electricity.

For faster scheduling, DOE also requests the following information as part of your application:

  • Type of system assessment: process heating, steam, pumps, compressed air, fans, or paper (specify “paper” in the comments section of the application).
  • Preferred assessment dates: Provide at least three available weeks or at least three periods of 3 days each. DOE understands that these dates are not firm and that they can change at the plant’s discretion.
  • Any other relevant information you feel DOE may need for scheduling. This could include a preferred Energy Expert if you know or have one on staff; any training a visitor will need to enter your plant or plant floor; any wardrobe requirements; etc.

View an example application form (PDF 632 KB). Download Adobe Reader.

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please contact the EERE Information Center online or by calling 1-877-337-3463.


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