Goldman Sachs views environmental stewardship as one of it’s corporate responsibilities

Harnessing an important natural resource like wind requires a substantial amount of capital. So when renewable energy companies hoping to invest in wind power came to Goldman Sachs, we helped find the capital they needed to embrace this innovative technology.

Goldman Sachs views environmental stewardship as one of our corporate responsibilities, including actively finding solutions that enable our firm and our clients to minimize risk to the environment. We are committed to finding effective, market-based solutions to address climate change, ecosystem degradation and other critical environmental issues, and to creating new business opportunities that benefit the environment. The broad scope of our business and our diverse client base enables us to advise clients who represent many different perspectives and participate in many different markets. At the core of this activity is the Goldman Sachs Environmental Markets Group.

We realize that a healthy environment supports the growth of economies and communities. And as a firm, we depend on strong and sustainable economies and communities to thrive. 

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How We Drive Progress

What we do

We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to grow and flourish, while contributing to the global economy.

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Helping Small Businesses

The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses initiative is a $500 million investment to help create jobs and economic opportunity in the United States.

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Creating Environmental Progress

Through business efforts, operations and thought leadership, Goldman Sachs continues to be innovative in the search for market-based solutions to environmental issues.

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