The smartest carbon calculator AMEE Explorer


AMEE Explorer Photo courtesy AMEE

Three years ago, AMEE, a carbon-data company, made a sophisticated but impenetrable programming tool aggregating thousands of previously incompatible data sources and environmental models from governments, utilities and more. It’s the best CO2-emissions science around. Now AMEE has added the free, user-friendly Web site Explorer, which lets laymen use the info.

Plugging in simple search terms, people can find calculators for, say, the carbon footprint of driving 12,000 miles in a Ford Fusion. It’s a curiosity at the moment, but if a true carbon economy emerges—when all CO2 is capped, traded, and commodified, and your car and even your washing machine is reporting its kilowatt-hours—AMEE’s programs will be your way to find the true value of what you own.





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