University of Delaware: High Energy Permanent Magnets for Hybrid Vehicles and Alternative Energy

Organization University of Delaware
Point of Contact Dr. George Hadjipanayis
High-energy permanent magnets are indispensable for many applications in the electric, electronic, automobile, communications, and information technologies industries. Currently the demand for these magnets is even higher in the emerging markets of hybrid/electric vehicles, windmill power systems, power generation systems, and energy storage systems. The United States has lost its lead in this critical field of technology as producers have migrated to Asia. The University of Delaware’s research and development will provide the fundamental innovations and breakthroughs that will help re-establish the United States as a leader in the science, technology, and commercialization of this essential class of materials. The goal of this project is to develop materials that will allow the United States to fabricate the next generation of permanent magnets with magnetic energy density (maximum energy product) 2x higher than the current value of the strongest Nd-Fe-B magnets. If successful, this project will lead to lower-cost and more energy-efficient and power-dense magnets for deployment in a wide range of clean energy technologies.

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