Arizona companies rake in millions in green tax credits

Arizona companies and projects coming to the state will receive millions in federal funds from the U.S. Department of Energy to construct manufacturing plants, primarily for solar and wind power production.

The companies have been allocated $71 million in tax credits from a planned DOE disbursement of roughly $2 billion designed to accelerate the funds covering about 30 percent of the facilities’ cost.

About 183 projects were specified, including several in Arizona that had either been rumored or previously announced.

  • Suntech Holdings, a Chinese solar manufacturer that committed late last year to building a plant in the Phoenix area, will receive $2.1 million. Although no site has been named by officials, the DOE list indicates the manufacturing facility will be in Tempe.
  • Yingli Green Energy Americas, another Chinese solar company that had been interested in sites in the Southwest and Texas, was on the list for $4.5 million for a manufacturing facility in Phoenix.
  • Saint Gobain Glass will receive $8.1 million for a facility in Scottsdale that will manufacture mirrors used to concentrate solar power.
  • Rioglass Solar Inc. will receive $10.6 million for a facility in Surprise to help build parabolic glass mirrors for concentrating solar power.
  • Amonix Inc. will receive $3.6 million for a facility in Phoenix to help build low-cost solar systems. The company also is receiving $5.8 million for a facility in Las Vegas.


Although the state is getting a large share of money, other funds are going to companies locally based companies for projects outside Arizona:

  • First Solar Inc. is getting the biggest award, about $16 million to help expand its manufacturing plant in Perrysberg, Ohio.
  • Stirling Energy Systems, based in Scottsdale, will receive $9.8 million for a facility in Livonia, Mich., to develop drives that help its Suncatcher solar systems track the sun as well as another $642,000 for a facility in Ashville N.Y., that will produce other components for the system.
  • TPI Composites will receive $9 million for an existing wind blade manufacturing plant in Newton, Iowa, and a new one in Grand Island, Neb.
  • Sumco Phoenix will get $731,201 to help it develop solar materials and components.
  • Schuff Steel will receive $7 million to help build wind towers at a facility in Bismarck, N.D.

Read more: Arizona companies rake in millions in green tax credits – Phoenix Business Journal 


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