Solicitations for Business, Industry, and Universities

The majority of Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) financial opportunities are for business, industry, and universities.

To explore current EERE financial assistance solicitations and solicitation-related requests, click on the titles in the table below. If you are searching for listings in a particular technology area, be sure to also look at those labeled “crosscutting.” These apply to more than one technology area.

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Solar High Impact Supply Chain Research and Development for PV Technologies and Systems 04/21/2010 07/02/2010
Biomass Upgrading of Biomass Fast Pyrolysis Oil (Bio-oil) 05/27/2010 07/09/2010
Geothermal DE-FOA-0000318 Geothermal Energy Production from (A) Low-Temperature Resources, (B) Coproduced Fluids, and (C) Geopressured Resources 05/13/2010 07/09/2010
Wind & Hydropower-
Enhancing Short Term Wind Energy Forecasting for Increased Utility Operations 06/01/2010 07/13/2010
Biomass Biomass Research and Development Initiative 05/07/2010 07/13/2010
Solid State Lighting
Solid-State Lighting Product Development Funding Opportunity – Round VII 05/24/2010 07/14/2010
Solid State Lighting
Solid-State Lighting Core Technologies, Round 7 05/24/2010 07/14/2010
Wind & Hydropower-
DOE Offshore Wind Program – Input Requested for Demonstration Projects 06/14/2010 07/14/2010
Biomass Development of Methodologies for Determining Preferred Landscape Designs for Sustainable Bioenergy Feedstock Production Systems at a Watershed Scale 06/02/2010 07/16/2010
Program Year 2010 Weatherization Formula Grants 12/29/2009 08/01/2010
State Energy
State Energy Program (SEP) PY 2010 Formula Award Funding Opportunity Announcement 03/26/2010 08/31/2010

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