The smart with electric drive is coming to the USA

Following the successful launch in European cities the new smart fortwo electric drive will take to the roads of North American cities from the autumn. The electrically powered trendsetter has been rolling off the production line since November 2009 – and due to the huge demand the initial production volume has been increased from 1000 to 1500 vehicles.
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Second generation electric drive: Unlike its predecessor, the electrically driven smart fortwo of the second generation is fitted with an innovative and highly efficient lithium-ion battery.
smart electric drive
Powerful drive: A 30 kW magneto-electric motor is installed at the rear of the new smart fortwo electric drive and reacts immediately and without delay.
Generation differences: Please find out more about the generation differences among smart electric drive first and second generation.
Electronics optimise the battery charge status and power consumption: Special electronics ensure that all is well with the battery. This battery management system constantly monitors voltage, electricity and temperature.
smart electric drive
smart fortwo electric drive in major cities in Europe and the USA: Since the end of 2009 the second generation smart fortwo electric drive has been delivered to selected customers. Leases are offered for a period of four years and 60,000 kilometres.

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